Marimo-Canada is #1 supplier for Marimo moss balls in North America. We supply stores and also hobbyists with A Grade very beautiful Marimo moss balls. Excellent quality and satisfaction is always 100% guaranteed.

  • CLOSED   * The Marimo retail in Canada has been shut down so far until August because of a government international investigation regarding invasive zebra mussels that were spread with some Marimo. We always had a very clean product but every sale is shut down during the investigation and we will respect that, if you send us a payment we will not bank it and it may take a lot of time before we answer your messages.
  • If you actually own Marimo balls for a long time, there is no need to panic. If you don’t have a mussel invasion in your aquarium, then how could mussels propagate to the environment?
  • If you received your Marimo recently from another supplier, it can be good to double-check to remove any mussel, they can be small they will be in the surface of the marimo you don’t have to break your Marimo to inspect it.
  • You could put your Marimo balls into saltwater in the freezer for 3 hours that would kill any mussels that could be left in your Marimo. You can also soak them in a bleach solution (0.6 oz / gallon) You should do this especially if you purchased from another supplier! (Because we do it already)

Marimo-Canada’s aegagropila linnaei moss balls are always A grade 100% green and round, we are a growing business supplying stores, resellers and hobbyists all around the world and we grow business fast because of excellent quality.  Live arrival and excellent quality is always 100% guaranteed for up to one month!

Marimo is a plant who’se scientific name is aegagropila linnaei. It is made of multiple very long  algae filaments who mixes together into a ball shape. In nature, their habitat is in some specific lakes in Japan, eastern Europe and North America which currents make the marimo keep its ball shape. In aquarium, we have to roll them in our hands every 1-2 month to keep perfect round shape.

Marimos grow very slowly that’s why bigger moss balls are worth more. 1.5 » moss balls are already 2-3 years old. They have low light requirements exept that they like to be kept away from sunlight. They have a great power of lowering nitrite and nitrate levels and they are also very resistant over time.

Many plant suppliers will sell Marimos that are diseased or in poor shape because they sell various types of plants and they don’t have time to take very good care for every kind of plant. We care only for this specific type of plant, so we always provide the best quality and we can also provide the best prices.

Our Moss balls are always A grade 100% green and round, with live arrival and excellent quality guaranteed for up to 1 month!

* Customs clearance also included and guaranteed worldwide for 100% satisfaction!


To order Marimos, see prices below and contact to place an order. For quick order, send Interac Bank wire to same email address along with security answer and shipping address. USA customers can use

1.5 inch size free shipping included! (Best value orders for hobbyists)





FREE SHIPPING included for all 1.5 » orders!!!

Canadian customers: Prices in CAD pay with Interac eTransfer to USA and worldwide: Prices in USD pay on or send friends and family payment whitout fees for extra Marimos!


Larger Marimos cannot ship for free like the 1 » and 1.5 »

Shipping fee for large Marimo balls: 20$

2 » 3$

2.5 » 5$

3 » 8$

Free shipping on 50x large marimo order

25$ off 100x orders

  • You can add the 1.5 inch marimo to your box for 2$ ea or 1 inch for 1.25$ if you want them along with the larger ones


We are a small business and we want to offer great prices, so please follow this simple procedure for payment:

Canadian customers:

1- Send an Interac bank wire (on your bank website) with the total amount of your order the following email address:      then…

2- send an email to the same address explaining your order, along with the bank transfert password and your shipping address. Shipments are made every monday otherwise give tip for instant shipping.

USA and worldwide customers:

1- Send your payment in USD with the total amount of your order using the following Paypal link:

2- Contact to explain your order and give shipping address.

  • If you are canadian customer and you want to use paypal instead of Interac you have to cover the fees or send whitout fees using paypal friends and family (send payment to
  • If you want to send paypal payment whitout fees (friends and family payment) we will give you extra moss balls

If you have any questions or you want to place an order, please contact

*Picture with ruler shows 1.5 inch size, and the picture with the can shows 3 inches size.